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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  July 1, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm grace lee. well, first it was police, and now the fire department has
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taken a big hit in san jose. just as fire season starts to heat up, starting today, there will be fewer fire trucks available to respond to emergencies. one engine from fire station 29 is being taken out of service to save money. the number of firefighters on trucks is being reduced from five to four, and crews are all taking a 10% pay cut. as a result, the department says response times could increase. good news in oakland for some police officers. the city will hire back 22 of the 80 police officers that it laid off last year under a new city budget that was approved last night to close a $58 million shortfall. the mayor cast the deciding vote. the plan includes pay and benefit cuts that city workers have already accepted. work crews are cleaning up a mess in the east bay. east bay m.u.d. says that a water main broke near san pablo dam road in el sobrante around 9:30 this morning. crews were able to cap the 12"
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line but as you can see, several inches of water still remain. there are also reports of a vehicle hitting a hydrant in the area and a pipeline bers at a local business. but there is still no word on whether any of the incidents are connected. a high-speed police chase ends when dozens of stolen ipads are tossed on the freeway and three suspects are taken into custody. officers say the suspects used a car jack to lift a metal door at a best buy in sacramento. then they led the chp on a chase into davis. during the pursuit, they allegedly tossed out some 40 ipads on the freeway. the three suspects under arrest are all from castro valley, san leandro and berkeley. authority are looking at possible links at other break- ins at best buys, as well. all right. bay area commuters dodged a bullet but that drama not over yet. golden gate ferry workers cancelled a planned strike just ahead of rush hour this morning. >> they did. but that doesn't mean they won't walk off the job next week. anne makovec on what's been a
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very confusing day for commuters. some showed up, they didn't know, then the boats went. >> reporter: yes. very confusing, but bottom line is everything is back to normal. in fact, it was never disrupted for the golden gate ferry service. everything is on schedule. but last night we were told there would be no service at all today. here's a look though at the first ferry going off as scheduled at 5:50 this morning from larkspur. the inland boatsman union sent out a press release yesterday saying they were going to strike. well, the bridge district responded by canceling all the ferry service. and two of those parties went back and forth. they are having a lot of contract disputes. this morning, workerred showed up for work after all. the union says it's not striking but it still might within the next five days. here's a spokesman for the golden gate bridge district. >> we just want to to say how unfortunate it is for our
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customers that the inland boat mans union felt it was right to call a strike and then call it off. >> reporter: now, the union is upset about automated ticket machines taking the jobs of seven full-time employees and several part-time employees, as well. so those jobs are officially going to be gone next friday. between now and then the parties will negotiate but there is a chance according to a union spokesman, a decent chance that there is going to be a strike. and they are going to inform us the same way they did, hopefully the day before, informing the press and then we'll see if the district cancels the service. bring extra cash because fares just went up by 5% on the ferries. >> good news all around, huh? >> reporter: yeah. hate to be the bearer of it. but that's my job. >> sign of the times. okay, anne makovec, thanks. well, from you in the
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market for a big ticket item like a touch pad, some good news. shopping just got less expensive. under the new california budget taking effect today, the sales tax rate dropped 1% statewide so the rate goes back to 7.25%. most shoppers that we talked to today said that they have been happy to have a little extra money in their wallet. >> i don't know how much it will impact in small portions, you know, but overall i'm glad it's down. i think it should be. >> i shop when i want to, whenever there is extra money in my account. i go straight to the milwauke -- go straight to the mall. >> a lot of states and counties charge an additional local sales tax. welcome relief for drivers just in time for the big holiday weekend. gas prices are continuing to slide. according to triple-a, average price fell slightly overnight across the bay area. 3.78 in oakland, 3.88 in san francisco, and 3.79 down in san
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jose. prices are now down about 20 cents in the past month. >> getting three gallons, i'm actually getting five gallons to fill up. >> definitely a big relief for those who own big trucks, as mine. it's better in our pockets because everything else is just getting more expensive. >> the prices are still way up from last year and that's expected to keep many people off the roads over the holiday weekend. statewide, triple-a predicts about 4.6 million drivers will travel 50 miles or more, a 2% drop from last year. and coming up, it was a bombshell day in court. >> the former head of the imf freed without bail while the high-profile case against him is falling apart. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. high pressure building in overhead. plenty of sunshine out there now. will it hold for the holiday weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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monetary fund walked out of court today, free without bail. the former head of the international monetary fund walked out of charges free. he is no longer under house arrest. a maid at a luxury hotel in new york has accused dominique strauss-kahn of chasing her through his suite trying to pull down her pantyhose and forcing her to perform oral sex. but now prosecutors are concerned about her credibility after a background investigation. strauss-kahn is still not allowed to leave the u.s. that man accused of being a stowaway on a cross-country flight will stay in federal custody. the nigerian-born suspect was in court this morning. but as kristine lazar reports, this may not be the first time he snuck aboard a flight.
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>> reporter: we were in federal court for about 45 minutes. olajide noibi did not speak. he basically kept his head down. the judge said he did not want to set a bond amount right now at least because he says he is not really sure who noibi is. he said he made inconsistent statements about where he lives, what he does for a living and what his finances are. noibi's attorney also spoke in court today. he says that his client is, quote, extremely embarrassed by the media attention to this case and comes from a respectable family. several different family members across the u.s., he says, are willing to put up money for his bond and have noibi stay with them. noibi faces one felony count for being a stowaway from jfk to l.a.x. last friday e made it through security at jfk with an expired boarding pass and no matching id. the virgin america crew did not realize he was a stowaway until they were already in the air. and the fbi questioned him upon his arrival last week at l.a.x. but let him g when he was
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finally arrested on wednesday as he tried to board yet another flight with an expired boarding pass, he had 12 more on him in his back pocket and in his back. we spoke with a retired inspector-general for the transportation department of the united states. she said he shouldn't be the only one in trouble. >> persons who did not do their job should be removed from their jobs, fired. the airline must immediately have an action against it, a civil aviation violation action, a tsa action now, for its violation of the regulations in transporting a person without a ticket. and then the fbi, who you -- the tsa doesn't have jurisdiction over, but the fbi has to do some soul searching of why they let this person go without a complete investigation. >> reporter: the judge isn't opposed to bail but he wants to
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come back next week. until then, noibi will be kept in jail without bond. the judge also says that he is concerned. he believes that noibi has done this before not just on a plane but in a train and the prosecutor says they are looking at adding even more charges, perhaps for identity theft, because remember, those 12 boarding passes he had did not belong to him. they did not have his name on t live in downtown los angeles, i'm kristine lazar. back to you. >> thank you so much. kristine lazar live in l.a. coming up, you talk about a thrill ride. >> this is your chance to see san francisco like never before. plus... >> my approach is to put you on essentially a perfect diet. >> lose weight in 21 days? what one doctor says is the secret to changing your life, when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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kirsty siefkin took the zipline for a spin. welcome back. it's your chance to see the bay area from thrilling new heights. a new attraction is taking new heights. kristy seifkin took the zipline. was it scary, turn, a combination? >> reporter: it was a little bit of both. it was thrilling. it's high up in the air and i got to zipline today. this is a grand opening of the vip line here at zipline here at justin herman plaza. and what did you girls think when you tried it? >> i thought it was great. i was scared and then i thought it was fun. >> how about you? >> i thought it was awesome
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and freaky. >> reporter: so awesome and freaky, coming from here officially. and you may recognize the zipline from last year. in april, they actually had a test and it was so popular it's back to stay throughout the summer and i as the cbs representative got to be the first person to officially go on this zipline and it's actually a pretty steep climb to the top, about 72 steps. you make your way up to the top and it's about 80 feet in the air. it's a little bit intimidating before you jump. but i mustered the courage and went for it. as would you expect as you're going down there kind of looked like a roller coaster, but it's smooth and you get this gorgeous view of the city over to the bay and over the tops of the buildings. and this is something that the mayor -- former mayor willie brown is going to try later today. it's open to you, starting today. all weekend long, with this great weather, a great time to get outside and enjoy the blue
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skies. cost is $29 per person and part of it goes back to parks and rec to help programs like the ones these girls are in. so give it a try. back to you guys. >> was it awesome and freaky? >> reporter: it was awesome and freaky, frank. [ laughter ] >> there's all we needed to know. >> so many things you can describe with awesome and freaky. >> reporter: i made it across alive, that's th -- that's the main goal. [ laughter ] >> thank you. the big man is here to tell us we're going to have one awesome and freaky weekend. >> hopefully not too freaky on the 4th of july. we'll be okay for the most part. heading out there now, we have plenty of sunshine out there around the bay area. great day to get out and enjoy the sunshine. high pressure building in and we are looking good at this hour. temperatures beginning to heat up. some places going to get very hot as we head in toward the latter part of the afternoon already today.
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soaring now into the mid-80s in livermore. 84 concord, 82 san jose, 67 in pacifica. so you get get the temperatures warming up in a hurry. sunny and already hot inland today. maybe mid-90s in the warmest spots, 70s in the bay, 80s in the santa clara valley. tonight mostly clear skies. we may see patchy fog at the most. but it's not going to be much. pretty warm outside. these numbers will continue to warm up throughout the weekend as high pressure builds in and that offshore wind continues. numbers if you are traveling today, 90s into the central valley, even the high country looking good, 76 degrees, sunny in lake tahoe. local temperatures running up into the 80s and 90s into morgan hill. 80s in toward the redwood city area. cooler at the coast but still nice. a little sea breeze by the afternoon. east bay numbers the hottest. 94 degrees brentwood, 91 livermore and concord. north bay toasty as temperatures soaring well into
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the 80s and low 90s, in toward fairfield. next couple of days triple digits again as we head in towards sunday and monday on the 4th of july, there is a hint we could see patchy fog return and then some slow cooling as we head toward the middle of the week. but yup, here's your official channel 54th of july forecast: >> sunny, hot, cool at the coast, 60s and patchy fog. elsewhere fantastic. make it a great weekend. back to you guys. >> sizzling new york. >> yeah. >> good job, lawrence, thanks a lot. laundry, vacuuming, washing dishes, those chores can be such a pain. but they may also be good for you. researchers in canada found that simple things that we do every day like climbing stairs, walking around the office, or cleaning the house add up to an improved heart. experts tracked dozen of obese men and women for a week and the more intense the activity, the bigger the benefit that they saw. now, speaking of weight, if you are looking to lose weight in 21 days, there is a diet
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that promises this. it's new. and as dr. kim explains, it may just work if you want to finally try going vegan. >> i have lots of recipes -- >> reporter: dr. neil barnard is a man with a simple message. >> high fiber foods satisfy the appetite. >> reporter: try eating his way for 21 days to lose weight and gain health. >> my approach is a perfect diet so you see big results very quickly but with a very short time frame, only 3 weeks. >> reporter: his 14th book is called 21-day weight loss kick- start. it's filled with evidence, advice and recipes to support a vegetarian diet. >> zero fats, zero cholesterol. >> reporter: since cheese is a big fat culprit you can even find plant-based alternatives. >> this is made out of rice, some out of soy. the veggie burger and chili are
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in, the fajitas are in. the greasy meat taco dripping with cheese, you're not going to have that. >> reporter: the good meat alternative, beans, that make up a whole food group on his list. for three weeks tells people to choose from beans, peas, lentils, whole grains, vegetables and fruit. he says people who have tried a 21-day challenge have more energy, better digestion begin to tackle weighty health problems like cholesterol and diabetes. he says it's all in changing your tastebuds. >> the idea is just three weeks. give it a try. and i know full well by the end of at least weeks they are going to be hooked on how good they feel. >> reporter: dr. kim mulvihill cbs 5 healthwatch. >> how come all the good stuff that tastes good isn't good for you? coming up, one guy who can really bust a move. ♪ [ music ] >> the story of the break dancing gorilla who has now become a worldwide sensation. >> and you still have a few
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calgary zoo to watch him bust a move and he is a youtube absolutely with more than 1.5 million views. where does it come from? no one knows. no one taught him this. he has never been trained. but he has the moves. >> this was shot on a friday. >> 's feeling good, wahoo, it's the weekend! >> that was great, about 45 minutes ago in the newsroom? >> friday before a holiday weekend. oh, no, we're not busting a move in here. >> yeah, we are. it's friday. >> go back to zola. >> have a great weekend, everybody. see you on monday morning. see you on independence day. >> caption colorado, llc
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